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July 29, 2021

Focus On The Important Things by Dr. James Edward Garrow


       James Edward Garrow 


July 2, 2021

Turkish Democracy Project


The following article is from a YouTube speech written by Ibrahim Karagul and translated by Behcet Kaya

(Note from Bechet Kaya - translating from Turkish to English is not an easy process, but the salient points to this speech are unmistakable.)

In Washington D.C. a dishonorable group of imperialists have come together to form a coalition called “Turkish Democracy Project.” They are in opposition of Erdogan and their goal is to bring Erdogan and his political power down. They claim a new democracy for human rights must be formed in Turkey and the group’s aim is to defend Turkish democracy against AKP rule.

These individuals are dirty, filthy, and blood-thirsty. Under their list of things to accomplish is another coup d’état, but not a repeat of the failed July 15, 2016 coup. To accomplish their goal, they have activated outside intervention.

Why? Because Turkey occupies one of the most important geopolitical geographies in the world. Because of that fact, according to this coalition, Turkey must not be left to the Turks.

These individuals who have come together to advocate for the “Turkish Democracy Project” are under U.S. guidance and include enemies of Turkey and organized groups who have attempted several coup d’états and failed.

We know who these groups are. There have been dozens of groups like these formed against Turkey since 1990. Their partners inside Turkey, along with the regional groups under the pretense of human rights, shamelessly signed the agreements to attack Turkey from within. These groups are hiding behind and under the pretense of democracy, freedom, and security from “Muslim terrorists.”

From the February 28, 1997 coup to the July 15th, 2016 coup, the groups responsible include FETO, US/Israel, extreme right factions, and the PKK. All these are terrorists groups. These groups are the planners of February 1997 coup d’état, the Gezi uprisings, and the July 15, 2016 coup d’état. Globalists consider it a “Fight against Islam.”

Attacks inside Turkey are all done by these groups. After the Euphrates Shield operations, these groups planned and carried out attacks inside Turkey. In Istanbul and Ankara bombs were set off and hundreds of civilians were killed.

If I were to write all the lists for the last 30 years all these attacks and bloodiest operations would be revealed.

When you look at the group’s internet site you will first see the list and will be able to identify these groups. And these groups are FETO groups, neocons, extreme right Israeli groups, and PKK group partnerships. These groups are the frontier groups, but there are also hidden groups who finance these terrorists. There are also opposition parties groups and these groups launder dirty drug money to finance the operations under through foreign nonprofit organization groups.

It makes my blood boil to see these dirty businesses operate under the pretense of democracy and right out in the open.

When you look further into their internet site, you will find the names on their lists. The names become crystal clear. They are the people who killed over one million Iraqis, blooded Turkey on July 15, 2016, invaded Afghanistan profiting with over 90 billion dollars from Afghan opium, and supplied thousands of truckloads of weapons to the PKK.

They are also responsible for the Abu Ghraib and Bagram prisons tortures. During the July 15th coup they pulled their troops from the southern border to make Turkey vulnerable to PKK attacks from Syria. They planned the ‘suicide attack’ on President Erdogan in Marmaris, Inside Turkey they formed political party-terror partnership groups.

If you think all of this was planned by FETO and PKK, you are of course wrong!

It makes you to think it is all insane, but they operated right under the noses of Turks. Among those who are known enemies of Turkey are secret partners who carry Turkish names, but are in reality Turkish national traitors. It is they who carry on the secret attacks in Turkish cities. Their partners include political figures, parties, financiers, nonprofit organizers, Non-Governmental Organizations; all gathered under these dark networks.

These are the dishonorable and shameless networks of bloodied hands creating chaos inside Turkey. These networks aim to guide Turkey and bring it into line with their wishes- to manage Turkey as a puppet. These networks have started a new frontier of civil war in Turkey.

When we see the name of one of the dirtiest, sickest brains, an incompetent, neocon who was fired from the Trump administration - John Bolton, it becomes crystal clear. This sick man signals alarms for Turkey. He suggests the overthrow Erdogan and, along with other persons, say it is their duty to bring Turkey in line with other Middle Eastern countries.

These other sick individuals include the brother of George W. Bush- Jeb Bush, Turkish citizen Aykan Erdemir, and extreme right wing Jewish establishment leaders. Furthermore there are those who are hidden partners, and those partners who reside in Dubai. They all aim to attack President Erdogan.

When you look at the accusations we’ll see that Turkey supported Azerbaijan in Kara bag, and separated Armenia in Kara bag. The fact that Erdogan supported Palestine makes him an anti-Semitic. Entire texts have been written with the purpose of spreading hatred and vengeance against Turkey. 

All the FETO claims during the Gezi protests and the July 15th coup, the neocon texts, and the Israeli extreme right wing texts all target President Erdogan. It does not matter at what cost. They must overthrow Erdogan. All the slogans and texts are all to stop Turkey from advancing in the Middle East. They are locked and ready. 

They hide behind their slogans- Erdogan’s autocratic regime, Erdogan putting distance between Turkey and the West, Erdogan’s plan for bringing back Ottoman culture. With this new plan they are supposedly targeting Erdogan, but actually Turkey is the target, Erdogan is just a symbol representing Turkish people.

And all this is the new U.S.-NATO defense strategy against Turkey. They have been turning our cities into ghost towns, they have been degrading our values and identity, and they have been planning a new 21st Century crusader attacks.

Under the name of democracy, they plan to imprison Turkey in the orbit of the U.S., overthrow the AKP regime, and zero out all advancements Erdogan has brought to Turkey.  

There are lists of things that are not possible to write here and it goes on and on.

This article is the portion of the entire article written by the respected columnist for the Yeni Safak Newspaper, Ibrahim Karagul.