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September 23, 2021

21st Century

Have you ever wondered why Trump once remarked, “In three years there will be no America?”

He did not mean that America will be divided into states. It may, but what Trump was implying was there will be no America as it used to be.

That is why when he was campaigning he patented the slogan - “Make America Great Again.” His meaning was that we don’t want to have 800 bases all around the world. We want to bring our people home and concentrate on America.

What Trump was also implying was that the hegemonic America, created in after the WWII, is no longer sustainable. America in the 20th century become all powerful. After WWII, there was the Soviet Union and the US. But since the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1989, the world became uni-polar with the US firmly at the helm.

The strength of the US was its money. The U.S. dollar was the stable currency and every nation in the world had to trade with the dollar. That includes energy bought and sold with US$, weapons traded with US$ and also medicines traded with US$.

But now the tide is turning. A few nations are trading without US$ in energy, weapons, and medicine.

The problem is the globalists are changing this system. Under the globalist wings are the democrats. The republicans, supported by evangelicals who are against this system, want to carry on the system the way it is. The globalists are determined to bring digital money into use. They intend to change the 20th century system into the 21st century system which will be using digital money at first and later on crypto Bitcoin money.

Hence there is no use for the U.S. dollar and the U.S. can’t print money without its equivalent gold.

Who are the Globalists?

They are the group who wants to bring in the New World Order, reamed the Great Reset. It means they will govern the world with their system.

The cracks in the system are showing. The old policies of the U.S. are failing. For example, the U.S. along with Israel wants to recover the Promised Land of Israel. That is why they are destroying Syria and Iraq. The displaced people, have created terror groups like Daesh in order to make the second Israel under the name of Kurdistan in northern Syria.

What the Globalists are saying is why do you want to have a promised land? We will rule the world anyway. We want your children, not the land. And they are slowly doing just that. With Covid-19 the globalists are surely changing the world. They are changing the way we think, do business, and they are influencing the minds of our youth.

Reiterating Trump’s comment that there will be no America in three years. With the power of the U.S. dollar gone, then weapons are gone. What is left? Certainly not the old U.S. as we knew it. That U.S. is no longer sustainable.

Let’s look at the facts. Since the 1950s what has the U.S. done? Fought wars – the Korean War came to a draw because the Turks were fighting with the U.S. against North Korea. The Vietnam War, which the U.S. lost. The wars in both Iraq and Syria were lost by the U.S. And after 20 years in Afghanistan the U.S. succeeded in destroying the country.

In fact the U.S. has always taken other nations raw materials without giving anything back. All the U.S. has done is gain a lot of enemies around the world.

What about current institutions?

The U.S. formed the IMF which loans money, but puts chains on the nations that borrow and it is nearly impossible for them to get out from under the debt burden. There are exceptions though, countries like Turkey, Russia and others succeeded in breaking that chain.

The U.S. formed the UN, but it does not obey the UN rules. The U.S. formed NATO, but it has become useless. As Macron said. “NATO is brain dead.”

When the U.S activated NATO’s article five, it took many members of NATO to Afghanistan. It shamefully failed.

The U.S. will not allow the UN to be reorganized. It would be a lot better if the UN included members like India, Brazil, Indonesia, and others to make up 20 permanent members, rather than just five.

The UN can’t manage the world due to its incompetency. But other institutions have recently formed. One such group is the Shanghai 5 with its aim is to protect borders. Who are the members? Russia, China, Kirghistan, Tajikistan Pakistan, and now Iran. There is another group which includes Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa; possibly Turkey may join as well. If you look at the land mass of these nations it’s about half of the world.

What will happen if the U.S. does not agree to reorganize the UN? We are seeing the reemergence of nationalism. It started with Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Other nations are doing the same. Nationalism is growing in the world.

Will history repeat itself? Before WWI there was a trend toward nationalism and is considered part of the reason the war started. Nationalism is not necessarily defined by Hitler’s Nazism. It is the feeling of the citizens of a particular country that they are proud of their nation. Great examples include the French who are proud of everything French, or the Germans who thought they were superior in all things including innovations, or the British who are so proud of their culture.

In closing, it is my opinion that if America won’t let go of the UN, or at least reorganize it, then WWIII is inevitable.