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September 14, 2021

America on the Eve of Destruction

Did you know that 60 million people worldwide have been displaced and have been forced to migrate due to American foreign policy?

These are the chronological events:

It started in 1953 when the democratically elected prime minister of Iran was overthrown by the CIA. He was replaced by the Shah of Iran. It continued in the 60s and 70s with the Vietnam War.

Vietnam. Trillions of dollars were spent, 58-thousand American soldiers died, millions of Vietnamese died, and cities destroyed. The excuse? It was a contentment policy to stop the Soviet Union.

In the 80s with the Iraq and Iran Wars.

Later, Father Bush gave Saddam 3.5 million dollars’ worth of weapons and made Saddam a dictator. Then Saddam invaded Kuwait.

When the U.S. went to Kuwait to rescue the country from Saddam, the world was with the U.S. So the U.S. being in the eyes of the world, did what was right for world justice.

When George W. Bush went to Iraq with the purpose of freeing Iraq from a dictatorial regime and destroying the WMD, it was an outright lie. No one believed U.S. What happened was 1.6 million civilians died, cities were destroyed, five thousand U.S. combat troops died, and billions were spent.

These are the facts. And just look at Iraq today. It is far worse than it was under dictator Saddam.

Then came the so called Arab Spring. What Arab spring? It was created by the CIA and Mossad for the purpose of dominating the Eastern Mediterranean because large quantities of hydro carbon wealth were found.

Libya had been destroyed by French and Colonel Qaddafi was trying to sell his oil wealth, not by the dollar, but by the Euro.

Next, America found an excuse to go to Afghanistan and ended up staying 20 years. The result? Twenty-five hundred of its combat troops died, millions of Afghans either died or were displaced, and trillions of dollars were spent, but in the end left Afghanistan in turmoil.

What has become of America in the eyes of the world? America is now seen as the world’s worst hegemonic power.

In the Middle East America’s biggest problem is Turkey. America still wants to form a second Israel in northern Syria and is using the PKK against the Turks. So the double-standard policy continues - allied with Turkey, but also allied with the terror groups PKK and YPG. The latest ally is the Taliban.

Of course Daesh is still around and rears its ugly head whenever it’s needed. Who formed Daesh? The CIA and Mossad. Sound familiar?

In today’s world who still trusts America? No one. Even the old allies, the UK and Germany are distancing themselves from US policies.

During WWI the Ottoman Empire was declining because its enemies, the UK, France and Italy wanted to destroy the empire. They nearly succeeded, but in the end the Republic of Turkey was born.

Now I don’t believe any foreign power wants to destroy the U.S. Rather it is America that is destroying itself. Remember that the Soviet Union was both created and destroyed by the money owners? So, too, America’s self-destruction is being powered by the money owners; the owners of the Federal Reserve.

What is quite clear is that America is completely divided. You are either a liberal or a conservative. There is no common ground left. Liberals say it is their way or no way, and they completely ignore the justice system to achieve their goals.

The question remains, can America save herself? Is there still time?