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July 22, 2016

Status of the Failed Coup in Turkey

The failed Turkish coup was initiated by the cleric Fethullah Gulen’s followers in the Turkish Army, whose net worth tops fifty-billion dollars and who is operating in cooperation with the CIA and FBI, and the anti-defamation league, AKA, a Jewish lobby in the US. The cleric Fethulla Gulen resides in Pennsylvania, where he has lived for over twenty years in exile and wanted by the Turkish government.

July 17, 2016

Thoughts on the Failed Turkish Coup from an American's Perspective

By Nancy Webster Kaya

I am an American proudly married to a Turk. I have come to love Turkey as my second home and have been accepted with open arms by my in-laws. In fact, my dear mother-in-law, who is 92 years young, renamed me Gulten, meaning rose. I have had the privilege of visiting many parts of Turkey and hoped to visit much more. Eventually, my husband and I had planned on living part of the year on the Aegean coast.

July 5, 2016

Family Reunion Cruise

After marrying the woman I love, who is my soul-mate, many years ago, we now anticipate and finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. My wife knew I could not say no to our family reunion cruise to Bermuda. I had not seen the grandkids for a couple of years. Yes, we Face-timed on birthdays and holidays, but it is not the same. Of course I said okay, even though NewYork and Bermuda are not exactly on my bucket list of things to do.

June 9, 2016

The Perfectionists

Several months ago my wife volunteered both of us to participate in California’s “Adopt a Poll” program. We would be working as polling clerks, along with three other VATAN members on Primary Tuesday. She did not talk about it, I forgot about it, and now I need to write about it. 

When the day came, it became an issue, but I could not refuse to do it. However, I made it clear that from now on I wanted to be consulted first before she volunteers me for anything. The only thing is, I am sure my wife will come up with other ingenious ways to volunteer us. But back to my story and the reasons I decided not to back out.

Many Things Have Changed

Many Things Have Changed
After retiring several years ago, I soon found myself getting restless. I knew I needed to do something, but what? My wife and I have travelled quite a bit; including here in the US, Caribbean, Europe and Turkey. We still have not travelled in the East, but we will when the itch comes. 
My wife suggested that I take some classes and the idea came to me that maybe I should try something that I have always wanted to do. I started with a few classes at Moorpark Community College, including American Government and Foreign Relations. I did very well in the classes as the subject matter appealed to me. It was then I decided to do pursue BA degree in Political Science.

March 10, 2016

The Danish Girl, a movie review and spoiler alert

Can you imagine what it would be like not to know who you truly are?

The movie, “Danish Girl,” is loosely based on a true story about one of the first transgender transformations. It is, by far, a dark and deep drama, beautifully done, but at times hard to watch. Definitely not for all audiences.

The story takes place in Denmark during the 1920s. At the opening, we are introduced to a very talented painter, Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander), who is married to another painter, Einar (Eddie Redmayne). Their marriage is filled with passion and it is clear that Gerda loves both her husband and her painting.

February 1, 2016

"Brooklyn" a review with a spoiler alert

It is refreshing to see a really well-done movie which stands up to the quality of the storyline. Being a love story, this movie would not appeal to a very young audience. Now, just what is a love story? One scenario is a situation in which a character who is in love is thrown into a situation where they have to make choices, but those choices are all equally good; in fact, so good that they are unable to make a choice.