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January 5, 2017

Navarre Beach

I took two weeks off over the Christmas holidays and we spent time at our cottage in Navarre Beach, Florida which is known as "The best kept secret in Florida." 

Everyday I was on the beach as if I would never come here again. 

You might wonder what is so special about Navarre Beach? It is special, with sugar white, smooth beaches and friendly people. I have walked the beaches in California, but there is no comparison. In CA, the gummy petroleum sticks to my feet and I cannot get it off for days.

Finally, I have made my mind up. We are moving to our cottage in Florida permanently. Perhaps I will maintain here in Southern California a small residence, because most of my activities are here.

But, Navarre is where I want to live.

For years I have been away from the Atlanta film market, and it is an easy reach from Pensacola to Atlanta and I have an address there, too. So as soon as I graduate in May from California State University Channel Islands, we are heading for our new home in Navarre Beach. 

January 1, 2017

US-Turkish Relations After the Failed Coup” By Behcet Kaya

“US-Turkish Relations After the Failed Coup”
Behcet Kaya
The following is an empirical study delving into the relationship of two NATO countries, the US and Turkey, which have been allies for over six decades. This research paper will evaluate the impact of the July 15, 2016 failed Turkish coup on each nation, what led to the coup, where each nation stands now, why the partnership should be maintained and obstacles to the goal of maintaining the partnership.
Turkey and the US have remained indispensable allies since 1952, although, through the years there have always been conflicts and disagreements between the parties. Two major recent events include that in 2003 Turkey would not allow the passage of 80,000 US troops through its land for the invasion of Iraq. In addition, the CIA fabricated false evidence against the Turkish military by planning to overthrow the democratically elected government.

December 19, 2016

Condolences to the Karlov family

My heartfelt condolences to Ambassador Andrey Karlov’s family and to the Russian people.

Karlov was the first ambassador ever assassinated in Turkey. Turkey failed to protect the life of a diplomat who was under its responsibility. That is a shame for Turkey. It is the responsibility of the government to remove this burden from the shoulders of Turkey and the Turkish people. But how? Most of the AKP and its personal are under-educated. Who do you blame when the president doesn’t even have a university diploma?

This assassination took place in what is supposed to be a maximum security area where most of the embassies are located, as well as the Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency (BDDK), the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of the Court Appeals and the Russian Trade Office.
This is a major embarrassment to Turkish security. If the Turks can’t get to the bottom of this crime, there will be major consequences to the strength of the Turkish security system.
In addition, this heinous murder of a Russian diplomat took place at the time when Turkey and Russia have good relations going, What it looks like to anyone who has sense, is that this murder was done to put tension between the two countries. Who really benefits from this? Ask yourselves that question. 

Out of seventeen wars between the two countries, ten of those wars were initiated by western imperialism. The western powers never wanted Turkey and Russia to have good relations. President Putin and Russian people understand why this murder took place

It's also obvious that this attack purposely took place before the meeting of the Turkish foreign minister, who is scheduled to hold talks in Moscow to further the Turkish/Russian partnership. 

In contrast, the hard fact is that relations between America and Turkey have come to their lowest point, and I will go so far as to personally say the bilateral relationship with US and Turkey has, in effect, ended.

We all know who benefits from this tension between Turkey and Russia. Who do we blame? Of curse the powers who do not want this alliance are to blame, but it is, in reality, Turkey’s inability to prevent events such as this from taking place. Turkey must do its best to protect all diplomats.

I hope that both the Russians and the Turks come to their senses, cooperate and share intelligence information to prevent further killings, and to find the root of the killer’s connections. This attack is both on Turkey and Russia.

November 4, 2016

Interesting Class Assignment

For one of my political science classes, I was assigned to make telephone calls to the donors of CSU Channel Islands to thank them and express appreciation for the gifts they have given to the scholarship program. I must tell you that I was intrigued with the responses I received and the many pleasant conversations I had with our donors.

October 9, 2016

Concert in Ojai

To my blog followers, I must acknowledge my negligence in not posting for quite awhile. Being in my final year of classes, I just can’t seem to find the extra time to write much of anything on a personal level.

September 4, 2016

31.08.2016 Author: F. William Engdahl

Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup

3454353453453While the Obama Administration and the CIA officially cling to the fig leaf lie that US intelligence was innocent of any involvement in the failed July 15 coup d’ etat attempt by the CIA-run Fethullah Gülen organization in Turkey, the truth is coming out from senior US intelligence insiders themselves. It reflects a huge internal faction struggle within US leading circles in what by all accounts is shaping to be the most bizarre Presidential election year in American history. 

September 2, 2016



Vice President Joe Biden, during his recent visit to Turkey, tried to tell the Turkish people that, “In America, we have laws and for us to turn Gulen to the Turks, we have to go through the courts and if the courts find Gulen guilty, then we will turn Gulen over to Turkey.”