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June 16, 2020

Turkey's 2023 Ambition Becoming a Reality

The following article was authored by Ibrahim Karagul and translated by Behcet Kaya

While angry mobs in the western capitals carried on, we say good bye to the world we knew. The U.S. and the EU are going through a racist fight which is not all racism. There is another fight going on under the racism.

The slavery methods of Western ideology are coming to an historical end. That is the fight under racism. Turkey is now a super power and whatever Turkey decides to do in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean that is what will be. From now on a new method of solving world crisis and problems will be followed. Nations, countries, super powers, world maps, and communities will be redesigned. Colonialism, racism, lawlessness, unequal-pay, identities, geopolitical struggles, power struggles, community wordiness, geographic closeness will acquire a new shape.

The world as we know it, the old world order, Western power and Eastern power structure, advanced nations and third world nation separations will be thrown out and dumped into the landfill.

The fight in the U.S. and the EU is not about racism, but another kind of fight. White supremacists provocation in the U.S. for the angry blacks is not only for racist issues. We can prove the historical events that have taken place. In 1895 in London Edward Cooks’ statue (who was a racist) was thrown into the river, but not for the reason he was a racist, but for another agenda.

Similarly in Brussels, NATO headquarters, where it was understood and acted upon, the riots are just another community wave and will come and go and thinking will prove to be wrong this time. The western beliefs of this sort will come to an end. This dramatic western thinking belief system is coming to an end inside the western countries and it is already happening.

After the pandemic, the expected roaring of chaos across the Atlantic and surrounding its shore, are taking place right before us. It is happening here in the western world.

Until now all the chaos that had been instigated by the west in Muslim capitals is now happening in their own capitals. Until now those who organized chaos and coups in Muslim countries it is now happening in their capitals. Until now those who organized and destroyed Muslim cities, they are now feeling the same chaos and destruction in their cities. Until now it was how the CIA stirred up a country because that country simply wanted to take care of their own problems. It was how the CIA and western intelligence agencies destroyed democratically elected prime ministers. It was how presidents were mud slung and destroyed and how opposing nations were turned into poor third world failed states.

Within their own countries it is now happening to America and its European allies. Until now the western intelligence agencies used the ethnic identities, religious, and politically different groups in Muslim and non-Muslim countries such as Venezuela to fight amongst each other and destroy themselves. Until now the western intelligence agencies undermined the working democracies causing chaos and stopped the wheel of democracies in countries including Turkey. They are now starting to feel the pain of the chaos they created in other countries.

The tense disagreement between President Trump and Pentagon is the example of this. The new countries in the Atlantic surroundings are advancing. For the last thirty years the super powers as we know them are slipping away and diminishing. New powers are coming onto the world scene. The erosion of the Atlantic powers is not a periodicity, it is not a time slot where one can squeeze in between WWI and WWII like it did before.

This is much more deep rooted and basic. It’s radical, thorough going and much more than a long term power change. The power through Atlantic axis will no longer be able to supervise the world.

Thus, we Turks must discuss every event that is happening now one by one, in this reality. What we are doing in Syria, why we are in Libya, and the disagreement with other neighbors in sharing the wealth of the Eastern Mediterranean- we must dig deep and understand it all. This is the beginning of the end of the western system which drives humanity into slavery.

The western powers came along and began with geographical system lies- redesign of the Middle East with waves of colonialism to consume the under earth wealth of third world countries and to whither, blast millions of people, kill, suck the blood of nations, belittle races and nations, and condemn them to slavery.

This is the end history of American exceptionalism and American power. They are not out of reach of developing technology, military power, wealth and space race, in fact nothing the western powers do is unreachable; the pandemic has shown us that. Thus every nation has to prepare for this new world order. (Not to be mistaken by the liberal point of New World Order.)

Thus Turkey has to prepare and she is doing just that, despite the fact that both internally grown traitors and foreign powers are trying to stop Turkey. Does the destruction of civilian NGO’s mean Turkey is a super power? While we argue what the new system will be after the pandemic, the destruction of nations central systems, civilian nonprofit organizations, mass demonstrations, wearing away believing in their governments, the identity clash between citizens, causing fights between people, will be discussed immensely.

We have said this- the world was already changing. The existing world imperialist system was sinking. The last arguments for the ending of western capitalism have begun. For example, since the founding of the Republic of Turkey, for the first time becoming a central power is coming to the forehand, and Turkey has worked arduously to be prepared for that task.

Turkey has been fighting on all fronts around its borders for forty years. The building of the fronts against foreign powers were the indications of this task. Hence Turkey is becoming a super power because it is not a one front country but it is struggling with numerous fronts like a super power.

The powers of nations and individuals, wealth and hidden powers are all gone. Profiteering, helplessness, desperation and disgracefulness are all gone. The pandemic is not starting a new era, but it is speeding up an already fundamentally changing and continually changing world system; such as power slipping away from the known bi-polar systems administered by a few nations. It is changing at a mind boggling speed that we are unaccustomed to such rapid change. With its unstoppable speed it is heightening an area to a point of no return.

The cover over the powerful and wealthy countries has been taken away and their weaknesses are discovered. Some nations, such as Turkey, who look poor and who appear to lack skill and knowledge have endured resistance to foreign powers and their tremendous latent powers are now coming into the open.

Power, wealth, unlimited strength, advancement in technology, and whatever else comes to mind regarding western powers has become open.
What is revealed is the deep debility, pain, ache, bitterness, grief and sorrow, inhumaness, desperateness and disgracefulness.

From now on there are no words of persuasiveness, or convincing promises, or sympathetic words left they can say that would be convincing to the world.

Okay. What will change in our geography and Turkey?

Number one- question fiercely the Globalism and New World Order.
Nations will turn more inward; intensifying their political and economic situations.

Number two- nations will eliminate the middleman mentality such as NGO’s or missionaries. Rather they will deal directly nation to nation. Nations and countries will be arranged into groups and centralized. Geographic blocks will be created.

Number three- digital technology and finance will be controlled by the nations not by private entities. Nations will defend against the symbol of Globalization.

Number four- resistance against foreign influences inside the country and uncertainty outside the country will be dealt with. Countries and nations will gain powers; globalization and new world order organizations will be seen as threats. Already there is huge war tension and drums are sounding in the Pacific between China and the U.S.

Number five- China is getting ready to sit in the super power chair during the pandemic period. In Asia fierce competition between the U.S. and China will become unendurable. In Asia competition between China and India will become fierce. There will be an unbelievable geopolitical power struggle beginning between Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

Number six- there will no longer be shared interests in the European Union. We watched this after WWII i.e. regarding the German project of the European Union.

Number seven- we will watch the rise of Turkey. In the Middle East we will witness nations go downhill who are now standing on their own feet only by depending on U.S. and EU aid. The 2023 plan expectation (the hundred year anniversary of Republic of Turkey) will become a reality. Turkey will never withdraw from Libya.

Number eight- there will be expanded characteristic opportunities for Turkey regarding geographic areas in the Middle East and central Asia, North Africa and the Balkans. Turkey will find itself an extraordinary opportunity to build a super power in the West and East and in its own geographic area.

Number nine- Turkey will have an opportunity to create and put forward an influential language, political say so, and standing, Islam geopolitical standing from the Atlantic Ocean to Pacific shores.

Number ten- Turkey’s 2023 plan will become a reality. Turkey’s plan and the changing world’s plans will come together. During the pandemic our resistance and our better handling of Covid-19 than the super powers will take Turkey on a better road to raise power, positions, and opportunities after the pandemic changes.

Number eleven- Turkey will never leave Libya. Turkey will never leave Libya until it reaches its goals. It can’t do and it will not do it because what we are trying to explain is that the new world is making it necessary to do just that.

September 26, 2019

Body in the Woods a Jack Ludefance novel

Award-winning author Behcet Kaya has once again brought his PI protagonist Jack Ludefance to life in a novel of suspense and mystery, filled with indelible characters laced with threads of credible circumstances, in his latest book titled Body in the Woods.

September 8, 2017

Success Can Come When You Least Expect It

You have known me long enough to know I enjoy writing about things that are most important to me. The last several months have been a real eye-opener. I mean, you work hard in life trying to reach your goals, your dreams, but, sometimes you try so hard and never make much progress.


My wife and I lived in southern California for more than 23 years. The reasons we moved out there were two-fold. It had always been one of my wife’s dreams to live in California. And, my motives were obvious. I wanted to be in the entertainment business. I have been training in acting and theatre almost all my adult life and have numerous credits that I don’t even list them all on my resume on IMdB.

August 18, 2017

Thoughts on Film Developing

Hi folks. As excited as I am that one of my published novels, “Murder on the Naval Base” has been picked up for possible film development, I must remind myself to remain level headed.

I have no experience in developing a movie and I am beginning to learn how long a process it actually is. My message to other first-time movie developers is to be cautious. I have made mistakes and what I perceived as mistakes. I hope by sharing my story, others can avoid making those same mistakes.

August 13, 2017


14 Ağustos 2017
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Soner Yalçın, sınırımızda yaşanan, Suriye'de olanlara farklı bir açıdan yaklaştı ve "İsrail'in sessizliğinin" ne anlama geldiğine dair sıradışı bir değerlendirme yaptı...

İsrail'in niye hiç adı geçmiyor, düşündünüz mü?
27 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi 00:21
İşte Yalçın'ın o yazısı:
Kayıp ülke!
Sınırımızda ne oluyor?
Yok Cerablus… Yok Afrin… Yok Menbiç…
Yok Suriye Ordusu YPG ile ateşkes antlaşması yaptı.
Yok Türk Ordusu Cerablus'a girdi; askeri operasyona “Fırat Kalkanı” adı verildi.
Vs. Vs.
Gazetelerde-ekranlarda sürekli hangi bölge kimin kontrolünde renkli haritalar yayınlanıyor-gösteriliyor. Kafalar sürekli karıştırılıyor.
Ekranlarda bolca uzman var. Ellerindeki çubuklar harita üzerinde dolaşıp duruyor; bolca stratejilerden bahsediyorlar. Takip etmek imkansız hale geliyor; örgüt isimleri-yer adları birbirine karışıyor.
Sahi neler oluyor?
Meseleye, mikro-küçük değil, makro-büyük açıdan bakarsak ancak işin aslını kavrayabiliriz.
O halde, önce şu gerçeğin altını çizelim:
Suriye meselesinde ABD var, Rusya var, İran var, Türkiye var, Fransa var, İngiltere var, Katar var, Ürdün var, Lübnan var, Suudi Arabistan var, Irak var, var oğlu var.
Hizbullah var, Hamas var, Müslüman Kardeşler var, El Kaide var, IŞİD var, Nusra var, PKK var, Barzani bile var.
Kim yok?
Kimin adı, küresel medyada hiç geçmiyor/geçirilmiyor? (Dış haberler; bu yayın merkezlerinden tercüme edilenlere dayandırıldığı için bizim medyada da yok!)
Kim bu ülke?..
Suriye'nin komşusu!
Üstelik Suriye ile yıllardır arası bozuk; kimi dönem savaş bile yaptılar.
Bildiniz, İsrail!..
Yok Cerablus… Yok Afrin… Yok Menbiç… Kafanızı bunlarla karıştırmayınız!
İsrail'in adı Suriye iç savaşında niye hiç geçmiyor bunu düşününüz! Örneğin…
Cumhurbaşkanı Ahmet Necdet Sezer öncülüğünde Türkiye-Suriye ilişkileri geliştirilirken İsrail tedirgin olmuştu.
Demek ki Suriye meselesi İsrail için çok önemliydi.
Yani… Küresel medya merkezleri (örneğin, Suriye Ordusu'nun konumunu uydularıyla tespit edip muhaliflere vermesi gibi faaliyetlerde bulunan) İsrail'i; gözlerden-kulaklardan saklasa da savaşın merkezinde bu ülke var!
Peki… Gelelim can alıcı soruya:
İsrail, Suriye'de neyin peşinde?
İlk amaçları
Suriye iç savaşını mezhep temelli göstermek istiyorlar; Alevi, Sünni, Dürzi…
Suriye iç savaşını dinsel temelli göstermek istiyorlar; Müslüman, Hıristiyan…
Suriye iç savaşını etnik temelli göstermek istiyorlar; Arap, Kürt, Türkmen…
Yahudi bu işin neresinde?
Yahudi yok mu? Yok! Oysa…
Tevrat/Tekvin'e göre; Yahudilere -vaat edilmiş topraklar- “Arz-ı Mev'ud” verildi.
İsrail, Filistin, Lübnan toprakları ile Ürdün, Mısır ve Suriye'nin kıyı bölgeleridir! Keza… İsrailoğulları “Kenan Ülkesi” denen bu yerleri yaklaşık olarak 500 yıl (M.Ö. 1500-M.Ö. 1000 yılları arasında) yönetti.
Siyonist Yahudiler bu bölgeleri tekrar ele geçirme isteklerinden hiç vazgeçmedi.
İsrail'in Suriye ile bitmez tükenmez savaşının kaynağıdır bu bilgiler.
Şimdi şu soruları sorabiliriz:
Suriye iç savaşı neden ülkenin kuzeyine sıkıştı kaldı?
İç savaştan önce Suriye'de hiç gücü olmayan ve parçalı bulunan Kürt örgütlerini kimler, nasıl, neden bir araya getirdi?
PKK-YPG nasıl oldu da Irak ve Suriye ordularını yenen IŞİD'e karşı ardı ardına zafer kazanıp topraklarını sürekli genişletti?
Ve neden PKK-YPG Akdeniz'e ulaşmayı en büyük davası haline getirdi?
Tüm bunlara sesini çıkarmaması ve sınırında olanlara müdahalede bulunmaması için kimler Türkiye'de, sürekli terör eylemi düzenletti; darbe girişimi planladı?
Soru aslında yanıttır:
İlk hedefleri; “Kürt Yahudi Devleti”ni kurdurmaktır.
Sonraki aşama “Büyük İsrail”dir!
Yok Cerablus… Yok Afrin… Yok Menbiç…
Diye kafanızı hiç karıştırmayınız…
Soner Yalçın-Sözcü

July 1, 2017

A Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Beach
Hello, everyone.
It has been so long since I have written anything other than college essays and papers. For the past three years my excuse has been due to my attending university and earning my degree in political science. I kept thinking that after obtaining my degree, I could easily slip back into my writing mode.