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November 14, 2020


Title: Appellate Judge
Subtitle: A Jack Ludefance Novel Author: Behcet Kaya
Publisher: Amazon Digital Pages: TBA
Genre: Fiction / Crime / Thriller Reviewed by: Jake Bishop

Hollywood Book Reviews

Tallahassee, Florida is the primary setting for this engaging murder mystery filled with twists, turns, revelations, and machinations, as a private investigator sets out to solve a crime that apparently has local police stumped. The crime is the killing of a judge. The P. I. is Jack Ludefance, somewhat of a sunshine state celebrity in his own right known for solving tough cases frequently, narrowly avoiding his own demise from time to time, and putting particularly bad actors where they belong, be it below ground or behind bars.

Ludefance is an ex-Navy pilot, originally from New Orleans, who still carries the scar along one side of his face that an alligator left him some time ago. The shamus is hired by the murder victim’s daughter to see if he can succeed where the Tallahassee constabulary has so far failed.


It turns out that Cindy, the deceased judge’s daughter, is a bit of mystery in herself. She’s independent, occasionally quick to anger, and unknown to many, in the care of a psychiatrist. But she’s just the beginning of the judge’s family who are decidedly out of the ordinary. The judge’s widow is a vixen who, rumor has it, makes cougars look tame. After an initial grilling by Ludefance, as well as input from Cindy, it’s made known that she satisfied her sexual needs outside the marriage, both often and with multiple partners. There are also a couple of other daughters whose relationship with their father was far less intense than Cindy’s. Not exactly a King Lear scenario, but not Little Women either.

As the P. I. gets deeper into the case, he learns of all sorts of unexplainable situations and any number of potential suspects. When the judge was killed, he was in his courthouse chambers supposedly impossible to enter or exit without being noticed, yet no one was on camera or seen by other building personnel. In addition to his wife’s lovers, and former individuals he had pronounced judgement on, other suspects are members of the musical judge’s string quartet, one of which is an ex-con. Plus a giant pharmaceutical company, with shady ownership, who had a case pending before the jurist. And when it comes to motive, initially robbery was ruled out because nothing seemed to be missingbut perhaps something quite valuable really is missing.

Author Kaya does a first-rate job of keeping the pace of his novel moving at a satisfying speed—not so fast that it’s hard to keep with and not so slow as to impede interest. He creates supporting characters that are as entertaining as they are necessary to plot development. Not the least of which is a computer hacker slacker and a sumo sized gangster with access to otherwise virtually unknowable information. He’s created aprotagonist, Ludefance, who is pragmatic, rugged, and human, without being a typical genre cliché. His prose is easy on the intellect and his dialogue snaps when necessary but avoids overindulgence in tough guy speak.

Appellate Judge is one in a series of Jack Ludefance novels. It’s an entertaining yarn that aficionados of the genre will likely enjoy. Those who do will also be glad to hear that another, Murder In Buckhead, is on the way. This Ludefance fellow may well be someone crime and mystery readers can easily get used to spending time with. 

October 24, 2020

Update on Nagorno Karabag


Today’s war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is unfortunately the result of global powers. When we look into Nagorno Karabag we must include other areas. Yes! Armenia has occupied Azerbaijani lands for 27 years and Azerbaijan is just trying to free its occupied lands.

But this is how it looks. Behind the curtains is this. This conflict is orchestrated by Russia but the game the Russians played has turned against Russia. Russia wants both Armenia and Azerbaijan to be in conflict so that it can manage both sides. What Armenia and Russia did not calculate is that Azerbaijan’s military has been modernized and taught by Turkey for the last 25 years. Therefore the Azerbaijan military along with Turkish drones has made it a superior military force. On the other hand, the Armenian military is still using the old Soviet Union mentality and Russian upgraded Soviet military hardware.

Let’s talk about the U.S. Just where does the U.S. fit in? First of all, the U.S. no longer considers Turkey a U.S. strategic partner. The U.S. has started partnering with Eastern European nations through NATO; including Bulgaria, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, which are all members of NATO.

So what does the U.S. want? To bring conflict in the Black Sea region. Because the Black Sea region was settled during Soviet times, there is no conflict between the Black Sea consortiums. The maritime border between Russia and Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Georgia in Black Sea was settled.

Why is the U.S. angry with Turkey? Because the U.S. needs Turkey, but also wants to control Turkey and is not managing either. The U.S. does not want Turkey to partner with Russia, China, and Iran. So the U.S. already bought ports in Greece including the one in DEDE Agac on the Turkish-Greek border.

The purpose is to control Turkey and Russia. However, the problem is that Turkey bought Russian-made S-400 and that is a problem for the U.S. Ironically, Turkey tested their S-400 last week at the same time Greece tested their Russian-made S-300 system.

How is it then the U.S. looks the other way when Greece tests its S-300 system but is uncomfortable with Turkey testing its Russian-made system? Double standard. The U.S. does not want Turkey be strong and prosperous; it wants Turkey to be just like the Arab Nations so that it controls and secures Israel.

Back to Armenia. Pashinyon is supported by SOROS and the Armenian Diaspora in the U.S. Now Armenia is losing and its armed forces chain of command is broken. Its solders are in retreat. Even the Armenian defense minister in his press conference admitted he does not know the number of soldiers who have died or been captured by the Azerbaijan military.

Pashinyon tries hard to spread conflicts to Turkey and Russia by firing ballistic missiles into Azerbaijan’s populated cities including one in the Nahcivan area. Nahcivan is an Ozark province where Turkey and Russia hold security guarantees.

Putin and even the Armenians want Pashinyon to go. Pashinyon is supported by the nationalists and Armenian Diaspora both in the U.S. and in France. There is also a strong Armenian Diaspora in Russia as well. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is an Armenian as well as high-ranking official in Russia.

Pashinyon continues to blame Turkey and frequently fires ballistic missiles into Nahcivan and into the Azerbaijan civilian population. Mind you, this is a war crime and he will be brought to justice by the International War Crimes committee just like the Serbian leader was. If Pashinyon succeeds in bringing Russia and Turkey into this war then stakes are much higher.

October 6, 2020

Nagorna-Karabag = Mountainy Geography By Behcet Kaya

The Armenian Diaspora has powerful political influence in U.S. politics. They can and do buy U.S. Freshman Congressman and Senators. In other words, by backing these new and uninformed members they use them for their own agenda. Some of the Armenian backed house members include Congressmen Shift and Menendez, as well as many more.

They have done this many times. And not just members of Congress. For example, the Mayor of Glendale, California wanted to lower the U.S. flag half-way for the so-called Armenian Genocide. Of course this made the U.S. veterans angry; flying half-staff is reserved for veterans.

In 2018, the U.S. backed Nikol Pashinyan became the new prime-minister of Armenia. Pashinyon thought he had the full backing of U.S. Yes, the U.S. supported him in his quest to come to power, but that didn’t mean the U.S. would support him in international affairs. Clearly Pashinyon is an American puppet.

In the meantime, Russian President Vladimir Putin became uncomfortable with Pashinyon being the prime-minister of Armenia. Putin even warned him. But Pashinyon is half-crazy like all other Armenians and is full of hatred for all Turks.

With the Soviet Union’s disintegration, Armenia and Azerbaijan both gained their independence. But Russians have backed Armenians since then. Even today Russia has 5000 troops stationed in Armenia and their borders are protected by Russian military.

In 1994 the Armenian military committed genocide in a place called Hocali. 630 Azerbaijani men, women, and children were killed. The Armenian military, with the help of Russia, then took Nagorma Karabag. A geographical area in Cacasia which is very mountainous.

In reality the Russians turned the other way and let the Armenian military commit genocide and then take Karabag. There have been on and off wars between Azerbaijan and Armenia since then and thirty thousand Azerbaijani have been killed. One million Azerbaijani have been displaced from Karabag and moved to Azerbaijan.

It is crucial to explain the Russian motive in allowing the Armenian military to take the Karabag area. The Russians, even going back as far as the czar times, wanted a buffer zone between Azerbaijan and Turkey so that Turkish influence in the other Turkic republics in Central Asia would be reduced.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are two countries, but one nation.

Pashinyon is not a balanced man. According to him, the entire lands of Turkey are their land. Ironically, the Greeks claim the same area as theirs. Having said that, Pashinyon can easily be managed for proxy wars. Against who? Against Turkey.

So, the U.S. sees Turkish strength in the Mediterranean and that Turkey will not back down from their claim of a marine-seashore. That is why the U.S. supports excluding Turkey in the Mediterranean oil and gas consortium.

The U.S. besieged Turkey by supporting the PKK/YPG in Syria and Iraq. In the Mediterranean Sea and in the Aegean Sea the U.S. has bought Greek ports and established naval bases and port management in Dede Agac, Greece. Also in Bulgaria, Romania through NATO, as well as Georgia in the east, and Ukraine in the North.

Turkey is currently involved in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and now Greece in the Aegean Sea. The U.S. wants to open another front for Turkey in the east – that being Armenia and Azerbaijan, knowing full well that Turkey will stand with Azerbaijan.

The U.S hopes that Turkey will directly engage in war with Armenia, hence Russia will be involved. So the U.S. will kill two birds with one stone because the U.S. is not happy about the Russian/Turkish alliance.

What happened next? On July 12, 2020, Pashinyon attacked Azerbaijan lands in Tovuz where the Baku-Tiflisi Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Azerbaijan -Turkey rail road line, and the TANAP pipeline, which carries natural gas from Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan thorough Turkey to Europe, are all located. Tovuz has strategic importance for Turkey.

The U.S. built a natural gas depot in Bulgaria aiming to sell U.S. LPG gas to Europe and to stop the Azeri/Turkmen natural gas going into Europe.

On September 27, 2020, Armenia attacked Azerbaijan again in a different front and today’s war is all we are hearing about. Now why would Armenia attack Azerbaijan again? Armenia’s economy is devastated;virtually living off support from the Armenian Diaspora in the U.S. and France. In addition, the Armenian military totally depends on Russia. Armenia’s three million people live with virtually no economy. Pashinyon’s government was being used for other purposes for U.S. and France.

France is another country that is unhappy about Turkish influence in Libya and Africa.

Azerbaijan has ten million people. Since declaring independence, Turkey has been training Azeri military from the ground up. The two countries cooperate in defense, military, economy, and in every aspect of trade. Since then the Azerbaijani military has become powerful. They have bought Russian made rapid rocket systems and Russian made tanks that have been upgraded by Israelis. They have bought Israeli made Kamikaze drones and Turkish drones and have trained in how to use them effectively.

Now Armenia is spreading misleading information on social media about Turkey sending trained Syrian troops to Azerbaijan. It is not true. Azerbaijan has more than enough troops of their own. Besides, Azerbaijani men lined up to register for the military. In comparison, Armenia settled a million PKK terrorists in Negorna-Karabag since it was taken in 1994. It is no wonder the Azeri military has superiority over Armenia.

Now Pashinyon is desperately looking for help from the U.S. and Russia, all the while lying to international media, and pleading for Turkey to stop giving Turkish drones to Azerbaijan. Russians are aware of the U.S. plans and is not helping the Pashinyon government at the present time. I do hope that both Russia and Turkey do not engage in war over Negorna- Karabag. Azerbaijan will not stop until the Karabag is freed from Armenia.   



September 25, 2020

Financial Operation by Ergun Diler and Translated by Behcet Kaya

 Financial Operation by Ergun Diler and Translated by Behcet Kaya

The readers are curious and naturally ask about political parties, leaders, political teams- their objectives and manner of actions, and political targets. If we hold the answers, we as a whole of Turkey have to answers these questions because we owe them. 

But the political atmosphere is so hot and sensitive that if you move to write anything they (the above mentioned) will be offended and break into political pieces.

Despite all of this, we try to stay away from writing about these parties and individuals. 

Since 2002 when AKP came to power and up until now think about this- is there a period of thirty days when there has been quiet in the country?


Telephone tapping, assassins, bombs, unexpected visits by the police, political operations, divisions among people, camps, changing the line and roads, alliances, and newly formed alliances, assassinations of council of state, December 17-25 incidents, Ataturk Airport invasions, Reina Night Club attacks, Gezi incidents, to the July 15 coup; we have covered a long way. 

AKP continues to rule and never turns its back from its duties; continuing on its way. But it always stated its aim and continued its political rulings, and AKP knew how to carry on its political aim.

In general, the U.S., the EU and the UK triad had their hands in Turkish politics and they were operating inside Turkey.

The triad has always had its hands in Turkish politics. Even before the Republic was founded the political meddling by the triad was the same.

The triad powers wanted to carry out their plans to reach natural gas and petroleum, and gain control over the money from these reserves. Inside Turkey the powerful triad had closely focused relationships with insiders. Naturally this had to be.

Some of these insiders sided with the U.S., some with the EU, and others with the UK. Their ultimate goal was to make Turkey stronger next to the bigger powers in the world. Because of this, Turkey was becoming a plot development center for World Wars for the three powers.

And it was hard for Turkey to escape from this position. The coups, the economic operations, and Juntas, uprisings were common and it became like this would be Turkey’s destiny.

Each power was envisioning Turkey its own orbit in the future. The same vision was true for the Turkish insiders as well.

I have seen many Turkish politicians who carried on their political careers without knowing the three powers designs for Turkey. I was laughing at these politicians even during my younger years. But there were too many of these people not knowing the truths, not knowing the politics. And those who knew the plans of the three powers were many. It was no different in the military. 

Mandaoglu was in close relations with the UK and he did not know Americans, did not see them, or hear them. But I don’t think Sahinkaya could possibly not know what was going on. He must have known.

In 1960 and 1971 there were coups. Not many people knew Satvet Lutfi Tozan, a well-known and legendary politician, was in on the coups plan; almost like James Bond. He was the key person for the coups! Satvet Lutfi was a close friend and adviser and the gate to the world for PRINCE SABAHATTIN. That is to say the fight was not new. It was this way since the Ottomans. Because of Turkey’s geographical location, these fights will never end.

Let’s come back to today. People in Turkey and elsewhere are waiting to see the outcome of the American elections in November 2020. Why? I don’t know but these people are waiting! Comical!

In the U.S., as with other powerful nations, people cast their votes and the government counts them. In other words the presidential contenders Biden or Trump actually are of no importance. The real issue and the real question is what does the Deep State want? 

There is no relevance or interest of either Turkish politicians or the public in this matter, but FinCen documents with the name of the operation are written and done. What is FinCen? It stands for Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. It’s a shortening of the financial occupation of wrong doings in the U.S. We’ve seen these types of attacks before. Seemingly economic but actually political attacks. In crude meaning these documents seemed to be showing financial movements of the Russian oligarchs.

The Deep State’s objectionable movement of money, carried on through the British banks, HSBC, Barclays, and Standard Charter, are in this category. The line reached to Riza Sarraf, an Iranian national Turkish businessman, Abramowic, and President Putin’s close friend, Arkady Rotenberg.

Between 2000 and 2017 the movement of two trillion dollars occurred and trafficked documents have brought it into the open by the Deep State. Those who may remember- it was earlier known by the name of Paradise-Panama, Switzerland, Luxembourg documents. They were leaked to two unnamed agencies.

This was different. To those who conducted these global operations, it was their secret way of hiding movements of large sums of money. Earlier leaked documents came from offshore legal accounts advisory- Appleby, Mossack, and Fonseca.

Now the Russian oligarchs and British banks are the targets. In general though, the Rothschild family is the main target. Okay what is going on? Earlier I mentioned these transfers indirectly. The main fight is over different means. There was a big struggle inside the U.S., with Main Street and Wall Street at war.

Those families who made America powerful and prosperous think that Wall Street stole 100 trillion dollars from them. Because of this, there is this feeling of a tight grip in the U.S. government and that the politicians and banks are guilty.

HSCB was the main target. Among those who took part in this 100 trillion dollar operation, knowingly and unknowingly, were politicians and government employees. The Walton family, the Koch family, the Mars family, the Macmillan family, the DuPont family, and the Duncan family want Wall Street to pay back the 100 trillion dollars.

HSBC did not give the money back but gave an answer. “We are with China.” In other words the fight and war is between the money owners, the Deep State and Wall Street. And there was no country that could not be outside of this war. 

The elections- Trump? Biden? Look. Nobody writes or talks about this, but there is no difference between Trump and Biden, or which one gets elected.

Why? Because their patron is the Koch family.

Before Trump was first elected, before he came to the White House, it was asked of the Koch family- is it Trump or Hilary? Which do you support? The answer was- one has cancer the other has a heart condition. We have ways to deal with heart conditions. With unlimited support through Facebook and their formed data base, the road to the White House opened for Trump.

Now in 2020 both Biden and Trump’s right arms are the Koch family’s men. There is no difference! What we need to look for- what are the power struggles in this geography? The Mediterranean!

Those families who created Deep State America are at war with British centered families over the Silk Road from China to the UK. And the Eastern Mediterranean is the prime center in this struggle.

English oligarchs are putting China in front and 65 other countries want to finish U.S. dominance and build the next 21st century world order. The Deep State sees this and opposes. That is why the U.S. is in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Under the supervision of the Koch family, the Deep State wants to redesign first NATO, then the Middle East, and then the Mediterranean to take the 2 Trillion dollars and the 500 trillion dollars’ worth of energy discovered in the Mediterranean and to save the U.S. Empire.

That is the war! That is the subject. In other words Greece, Egypt, and Southern Cyprus are not even extras cast in the main theatre. If Main Street (British centered families and the Rothschild’s) can’t take 100 trillion dollars back WWIII is unavoidable. These families are not going to enter the war directly.

But if we look at the preparation for the war, we can see that the two sides have formed alliances. And just looking at these alliances one can see who is taking sides in the big war. It is obvious.

Lastly, the operation of FinCen is really saying to the other side we know everything that is going on.

Covid-19, NATO, the Middle East, and the chaos going on in the inner cities of the U.S. are all intermingled. I hope that all of this can be solved by dialog.

Turkey’s inner political struggle is also part of the big fight. In other words, no one is trying to create another political party because they are bored. The volatility of foreign exchange money is also in this fight. Otherwise WWIII is too big. Much, much too big.