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April 4, 2021

Biden’s Foreign Policy on Turkey by Behcet Kaya

A Reuter’s article yesterday indicates that President Erdogan is putting pressure on Biden. But Biden openly put Turkey on the enemy list and Congress does the same.

Let’s take a look at things under a microscope. Turkey and the U.S. are strategic partners. Besides that, Turkey is second in NATO. So, why is Turkey enemy number one?

It is not just Biden. All previous presidents follow the same foreign policy. The U.S. system guides presidents and it doesn’t matter who is president.

With this in mind, Biden sees Erdogan as an unruly leader. The fact is, it is Turkey who is unruly according to Biden and Erdogan IS Turkey. The U.S. behaved similarly with the previous Turkish leaders. The U.S. expects Turkey to obey just like other countries. But Turkey’s foreign policy today is now INDEPENDENT of the U.S.

In Erdogan’s recent UN speech he stated the world is bigger than five. He is referring to the five permanent UN countries that rule the world to their liking. Erdogan was saying he does not accept the fact that these five have nuclear weapons and Turkey does not. Clearly this makes the permanent leaders uncomfortable.

But Erdogan has demonstrated that he can sit down and agree on mutual interests. I.e. Erdogan cooperates with President Putin but disagrees on many other issues with Russia.

The foreign policy Biden is following is to be silent and surround Turkey with military bases. In doing so, he expects Turkish leaders to become uncomfortable and afraid of what might happen when they go against U.S. policy.

Unfortunately that is not happening. Actually it is the exact opposite. Biden and U.S. leaders are uncomfortable because they can’t control Turkey to their liking. And Erdogan is saying that in the 21st century Turks have a say so in world affairs.

Erdogan is following Ataturk’s principle, “Peace at home, peace in the world.” Let’s live peacefully. Let’s help each other. A uni-polar world is no longer valid. Now multi-polar powers will take place. 

Biden’s foreign policy also supports the terrorist PKK and YPG in Syria, supplying them with heavy weapons and even training them with the goal of forming an Israeli/Kurdish country on Israelis’ ‘promised lands.’ This plan takes lands from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. So far Turkey has stopped the plan. One of the Rockefellers stated that Ataturk postponed their Middle East plan 100 years.

That is the problem for Biden.

To put a factual background on all this-

In the 1950s Turkey’s Prime Minister Adnan Menderes asked the U.S. for a 500 million dollar loan to develop the country. U.S. leaders turned him down. Prime Minister Menderes then turned to the Soviet Union and Russian leaders agreed to loan 500 million dollars to Turkey. What happened next? Menderes was scheduled to go to Moscow, but the CIA orchestrated a coup with the Turkish military and Prime Minister Menderes was executed on trumped up charges.

Next came the 1964 uprising in Cyprus. Cypriot Greeks were ethnic cleansing Cypriot Turks. Mass killings were committed by the Cypriot EOKA. In retaliation, Turkish jets bombed Cyprus. Lyndon Johnson sent a rude letter to Prime Minister Inonu, telling him, “If you use American made jets to bomb Cyprus, I will not protect you from Soviet aggression.”

In 1974 the U.S. was unable to stop Turkey from invading Cyprus. Turkey’s goal was to protect the Turkish minority in Cyprus. Then came the U.S. arms embargo to Turkey with lasted until 1978.

In the 1980s, after the U.S. lifted the embargo, there was another disagreement and the CIA conducted a second coup in Turkey.

In 1990 the U.S. invaded Iraq, taking along Turkey. Turkey reluctantly joined, but always stressed the territorial integrity of Iraq. 

During the second Iraq war, Turkey did not permit U.S. troops to pass through Turkey to get to Iraq.

In other words, Turkish leaders were going along with U.S. in Iraq, but followed independent policy. 

For the last hundred years the U.S. has tried and failed to form a Kurdish country in the Middle East. They have failed because of Turkey.

The latest Syrian war, instigated by CIA/Mossad, was another effort to create the Greater Israeli promised lands. This, too, failed because of Turkey.

The most recent insult to the U.S. is Turkey buying the Russian-made air defense system, S-400.

Turkey has thrown a ‘fence over its head’ and is following an independent policy. This greatly disturbs the U.S. At the same time, Germany is trying to free itself from under American power. In addition, India is trying to buy the Russian air defense systems.

Turkey has become an example to the world in breaking free from U.S. influence and domination. And that is what Biden and other U.S. leaders are worried about. They no long have control over Turkey.




April 2, 2021

Suez Canal Incident


The following article is from one of the most respected investigative journalists in Turkey


Translated by Behcet Kaya

Suez Canal Restoration

The meetings between China and U.S. in Alaska have ended. The foreign minister of China started visiting countries; among them, Turkey.

12% of the world’s trade, mostly petroleum and natural gas to Europe, is carried through the Suez Canal, which has been closed to traffic due to one of the cargo ships running aground on the bank of the canal. The ship responsible for the closure is registered in Panama and operated by a company in Taiwan.

The cargo ship is carrying Chinese merchandise from China to Holland. From Holland it will be distributed to the UK and Europe. The name of the ship is “Evergreen” and it is 400 meters long. The rescue mission to free the ship has started using delicate calculations, with hopes of freeing it before extensive damage is done to the ship.

The closing of the Suez Canal has stopped crucial trade between Asia and Europe and the effect has caused oil prices to rise. We don’t know much about the seas, because they are out of our life’s control. But we must know who these ships belong to, what cargo these ships are carrying, what organizations they belong to, and against whom they struggle.

The Suez Canal brings in 6 billion dollars in revenue and handles an average of 50 ships a day. The Evergreen, with their huge cargo ships, is number one in the world, but it is not their huge ships which make them number one. Their power comes from communication relationships. Because of that power, no one authority can stop and search Evergreen ships on the seas. Not one country can stop and search Evergreen.

But it was necessary Evergreen be stopped.

After the Chinese/U.S. meetings and discussions in Alaska, China’s visits to the Middle East and Turkey came first. It was first before, but not many understood it. The U.S. clearly told China that if China does not accept U.S. hegemony in the Middle East the work of the Chinese will be difficult. Even one Chinese ship won’t sail through the Suez Canal, US diplomats suggested to Chinese diplomats. Of course this did not leak to the media.

Then the Evergreen ran aground and because of its huge mass, it did not get rescued immediately. It was announced that it would take several days to free the Evergreen. With this one cargo ship, did the trade connection between Europe and China break? Of course it broke. Now let’s look at the “behind the scenes” of this international conflict.

There is a company by the name of “Cargo Matrix,” a technology company whose CEO is Scott Borgerson. There is high probability you have never heard his name before. I have written about Borgerson many times because there is a close relationship between Borgerson and Ghislaine Maxwell. Furthermore it has been said by some that no one knows who Borgerson’s spouse is and some say Ghislaine Maxwell is the wife of Borgerson. At last, Borgerson’s photo appeared with Ghislaine Maxwell walking her dogs.

As to Cargo Matrix, it is the boss on ocean trades and it is the bigger player in the 9 trillion dollar ocean trades that occur each year. Cargo Matrix is able to control 90% of all trades carried from point A to point B. The software which controls cargo travel was written by a man named Morgenson. Morgenson developed the software that is able to catch illegal traders and fugitives, as well as make illegal armed bandits into global powers.

Scott Borgerson’s technology company naturally gathers information about ships’ movements on the seas. In other words those ships have AIS. Automatic Identification Systems is the software written to identify a ship’s whereabouts, movements, where the ship is going and where the ship has come from.

The power that controls the high seas belongs to Scott Borgerson. After the death of Jeffery Epstein, Borgerson was responsible for protecting and hiding his girlfriend-wife Ghislaine Maxwell in his mansion.

So Evergreen’s running aground in the Suez Canal was not an accident. But in depth, it is not about Evergreen running aground and causing a traffic jam, rather it is what Evergreen carried as cargo. Various rumors have it that this ship is free from stop and search and the gossip never ends.

The voices coming from the U.S. are that there are a huge number of kidnapped children onboard the Evergreen.

I asked an American confidant friend and he gave a simple answer. Every ship’s personnel smuggle cigarettes. But the ship’s crew has no chance of knowing what are in the ship’s containers. This is how it is. Even if you wanted to inspect, which containers do you look for? On ships like Evergreen and mother cargo ships what is in the middle containers or at the bottom containers no one knows other than whoever put the containers there. 

Behind the organization of open seas there is another influential person who has personal interests in these matters. That person is Senator Mitch McConnell’s wife and President Trump’s ex-transportation secretary, Elaine Chow. Chow was asked to resign after a congressional decision. Chow’s family is one of the foremost owners of shipping transportation in China and her sister is the owner of Chow Shipping.

Furthermore Chow Shipping has a close relationship with Cargo Matrix. When Evergreen went aground it was not just Evergreen going aground. It is understood that it is a big message to the Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom, oil companies, and the big player, China.

As with all my writings we (Turkey) are in the middle of this big fight. From now on follow the news. We are going to be witnessing not one but many unusual incidents both inside Turkey and outside Turkey.

Ergun Diler


March 28, 2021

An Opinion on the Fraudulent President Currently in Office by Nancy Webster Kaya

  • How long has beijjing biden been in office (albeit fraudulently)? Nine weeks? It seems more like an eternity. But the damage he’s done so far in that short time is mind boggling. The damage yet to come will surely finish destroying us as a nation, the greatest nation ever in existence.

    The “Great Reset’ has already begun.

    Is this really what any of you that voted for him thought you’d get? Or, did you vote merely because you believed the endless lies of the MSM, ‘orange man’ bad...the endless montage, ‘anyone is better than President Trump?’ Anything is better than ‘mean tweets.’

    Didn’t you realize last year that pedo joe has dementia and his mental acuity is in steep decline? Why else was he kept hidden and rarely had any campaign events?

    Didn’t you realize he was set up to run for obummer’s third term? Didn’t you realize that for eight long years obummer was dividing and destroying our country? And that killery was ‘guaranteed’ to win and finish off what obummer had started?

    Thank God Trump won. For four years we had a reprieve from the globalists takeover and the ‘Great Reset.’ A chance to see how great our country could be. Roaring economy, highest sock market in our history, energy independence, record low unemployment, record new businesses started, secure borders, fair trade agreements, and respect from our adversaries.

    Then Covid...

    Don’t you know dementia joe is now merely a puppet for obummer, rice and the globalists? Don’t you realize all his EOs are written by obummer and rice at the direction of the globalists? How can you not see that when he speaks, gets all weepy sounding likes he cares about you, he is merely trying to read what obummer and the globalists have prepared for him?

    Why did it take over 60 days for joe’s first presser, which ended up being an embarrassment and disaster? And don’t forget, the entire world was watching that disaster.

    Don’t you know how dangerous it is to be seen as weak in the eyes of our enemies? China, North Korea, and Iran are standing in the wings, salivating, ready to pounce.

    Don’t you understand the gravity of the chaos at our southern border due to biden undoing every protection President Trump had put in place? Because if that undoing, child trafficking and drug trafficking are at dangerous highs, and illegals are being dumped in cities and towns across the country with no warning, many ill with Covid.

    I am heart sick as I write this. Along with me, half the country is against everything biden stands for. We don’t want what you want. We don’t want open borders, our Constitution desecrated, our rights being taken away, the US being dependent again on foreign oil, our conservative voices taken away, our children indoctrinated into hating their country, brainwashed into thinking they can change their sex on a whim, our taxes raised so high that many of us will not survive.

    I am just one person. But I will continue to watch, listen, evaluate, research and voice my thoughts until there is nothing left.



February 23, 2021

Biden Administration Pressure on Turkey- An opinion by Behcet Kaya


Now comes the latest tragedy- the slaughter of sixteen Turkish Nationals civilians and military personnel the by PKK in the province of GARA in Iraq. These sixteen individuals were captured by the PKK six years ago and kept prisoner in the caves of GARA Mountains. They were occasionally moved by PKK as the Turkish military squeezed the PKK in the northern Iraq operations.

This is a lesson for Turkey and sends a clear message from the Biden Administration.

How did the Biden Administration do it?

By giving false information to the Turks and setting a trap for the Turkish military. The Americans managed to guide the Turkish operation against the PKK in GARA Iraq, where the PKK considered themselves safe. Once the Turkish military cornered the PKK, they had no alternative but to slaughter all sixteen prisoners.

The PKK and YPG/DYP (latest name change of YPG) are all supported by the U.S. and some EU countries.

The Biden Administration considers Turkey the enemy of the U.S. and has just put Turkey in the same basket as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The U.S. openly declared these countries (China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea) must be dealt with through CATSA regulations, a bill passed by both houses and signed by the Trump Administration. CATSA severely punishes these countries by economic means. Now Turkey is a part of that punishment.

What does the U.S. want from Turkey?

It wants Turkey to stay in line with all the other NATO countries. In other words, do what I tell you or else I will hurt you badly. Already the U.S. has started surrounding Turkey with cowboy style tactics.

For example, recently a U.S. frigate passed through the Bosporus to the Black Sea on its way to conduct naval drills with Ukraine did not respect the red lights, essentially insulting the Turks.

These insults are multiplying. Another example is the U.S establishing a naval base in DEDE AGAC in northern Greece and conducting military drills with Greeks in Western Thrace, and in Cyprus with Cypriots. Another is the supplying of military weapons to the PKK in Norther Syria. And still another is establishing another military base north of the Euphrates River in Syria.

What the U.S. is saying to Turkey is I want you to do what I tell you to do or I will strangle you economically and militarily. I want you to accept the PKK and YPG. I want you to accept the fact that I will form a Kangaroo Kurdish country in northern Syria which will eventually become a Jewish State in order to realize the promised lands of Jews. A secret and powerful Jewish lobby in the U.S. is pushing the Biden Administration to do just that.

Furthermore, the latest Bosporus University student uprising as well as giving signals to the opposition parties to overthrow Erdogan are all part of the plan to divide Turkey and shape it according to the new Middle Eastern Project.

The earlier plan of the U.S. failed because of the Turkish interventions in Northern Syria. But the U.S. will not abandon its original plan to divide Turkey. It simply has gone on to the next plan. This will continue for a while until we see whether U.S. puppet government acting on behalf of Jews will be realized or not.

All of this political maneuvering by US and its EU allies does one thing. It is resulting in the Turks forming one opinion and uniting the Turks around growing anti-American feelings. So now what the U.S. is doing is exactly what the Brits did over one hundred years ago- divide Turkey by forcing Turks to become a federation with different ethnic groups; actually wanting to send the Turks back to where they came from in Central Asia.

I have one thing to suggest to the Turks- consider looking back into history during the 1912 to 1923 period. Today history is repeating itself so much so that what is happening is exactly what happened over one hundred years ago. The only difference is hundred years ago it was the British who were enemy number one for Turks. Now it is the U.S.

There are unbelievable similarities. For example, in 1909 the Ottoman government bought two warships from England and paid for them. But after completing the project, England refused to turn over the warships to the Ottoman Turks. It is the exact same scenario today with the F-35 fighter planes for which Turkey paid billions to the U.S. and now the U.S. refuses not only turn over the planes but also refuses to give back the already paid billions of dollars.

The excuse the British gave a hundred years ago was that the Ottoman Turks were allied with Germany. The excuse the U.S. is giving today is that Turkey bought the S-400 defense system from Russia.

Because the U.S. continues its plans to divide Turkey into little pieces, the S-400 would become a dangerous weapon for America when the time comes to invade Turkey. And invade it will…